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Candie Bolton at DCON 2022

Originating from northern California, self-taught artist Candie Bolton is known for her vibrant work on both toys and canvas. Her artistic journey began with a love for toys and animated films, leading her to pursue a career in art. Having spent five years as a graphic designer at a hot rod shop, where she immersed herself in the world of lowbrow art, Candie transitioned to a full-time career as an artist and toy designer. She dedicates her time to crafting traditional drawings and paintings, all while preparing for toy conventions and participating in international events and gallery shows.

Candie is now best known for her innovative “SOFUBI” or soft vinyl toys. She specializes in designing and painting SOFUBI, along with creating paintings inspired by graphic novels, animated films, and folklore. Over the years her talent has earned her numerous awards, including "Best Sofubi" for her Bake-Kujira design, and winning the "Best Licensed" award at the 2020 Designer Toy Awards for her collaboration with Sanrio.
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