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Toy Catalog

A catalog of all the toys Candie has designed over the years in order by the date they were produced.

Produced in Japan by Max Toy
Sculpted by Pico Pico

legendary beasts gacha set candie bolton
Oh My! Yokai:Legendary Beasts Gacha Set
Produced by Toy Art Gallery
Sculpted by Jorge Macswiney
Set includes Hakutaku, Nue, Baku, Shiisaa, and Kirin

night parade gacha set candie bolton
Oh My! Yokai:Night Parade Gacha Set
Produced by Toy Art Gallery
Sculpted by Jorge Macswiney
Set includes Kawauso, Tanuki, Kitsune, Baby Bake-Kujira, and Tengu

bake-kujira sculpt
Produced in Japan
Co-produced by Toy Art Gallery and Candie Bolton
Sculpted by Jorge Macswiney

Story: Inspired by Japanese folklore, Bake-Kujira is the vengeful ghost of a whale that was killed by humans. The design is an amalgamation of various whale features along with a human like skull and hands which reflects the tragic origin of this creature.

randalulu red panda kaiju candie bolton
Produced by Piece of Art Toys

kyuubi 3" dunny city Cryptids candie bolton
Kyuubi Dunny 3"
Produced by by Kidrobot
City Cryptid Blind Box Series

vag bake-kujira candie bolton
V.A.G. Bake-Kujira
Part of Vinyl Artist Gacha (VAG) Series 15
Produced by Medicom

kyuubi dunny 8" candie bolton
Kyuubi Dunny 8"
Produced by Kidrobot
Monster: Kyuubi Nine tailed fox 九尾狐


She began as an ordinary fox living out her life in a lush mountain forest and hunting prey in grassy meadows. Season after season she watched other foxes grow old and weak, but curiously, she alone grew stronger. Over time she outlived all other creatures in the forest, even her own kin. She was completely alone. She had no one else to experience her journey with except for a few ancient trees that she had watched grow from saplings.
Then one day, strange upright animals arrived. They farmed her land and hunted in her forest, rendering her home scarred and unrecognizable. At first she watched them with curiosity, but when they came to cut down her only friends, the ancient trees, she knew that something must be done. By now, she was more spirit than animal and her physical form was quite malleable. She would need to use her powers of transformation to infiltrate and destroy her adversaries from within. Not knowing if she would find peace or obliteration at the hands of her enemies... she stepped out of her forest on human legs to face them head on. 

kaiju dunny battle blind box series baku kirin candie bolton
Kaiju Dunny Battle 3"
Baku & Kirin featured in this blind box series
Produced by Kidrobot and Clutter Gallery

aura unicorn in captivity candie bolton
Aura: Unicorn in Captivity
Sculpted by Candie Bolton
Produced by Unusual Creation Club

Aura is a lost baby unicorn looking for her family. While trying to find her way home she stumbled upon some humans in a nearby village. Aura asked the villagers for help, but instead they hunted her and chained her up in a pen. Aura gave up on finding her way home and now sits alone in her pen with only fireflies to keep her company. 

baku pobber toys candie bolton
Produced by Pobber Toys

chibi-kujira bake-zame candie bolton
Chibi-Kujira / Bake-Zame
Self produced
Sculpted by Wonder Goblin

Story: The Phantom Whale is the reanimated corpse of a vengeful whale spirit (and also shark spirit as is the case for Bake-Zame). It brings a curse of famine, plague and natural disasters to the village that caused its demise. They can be found on rainy nights near the coast with a host of strange birds and fish swarming around them. 

bastet spiritus dea kidrobot dunny candie bolton
Bastet Dunny
Produced by Kidrobot for Spiritus Dea Dunny blind box series

hello kitty candie bolton pastel
Hello Kitty 9"
Produced by Kidrobot & Sanrio
Kitty Chan never wants to grow up. As a child, she loved cute things and as an adult still does. Some people think she needs to act her age, but her true friends love her just the way she is. Will you be Kitty Chan’s friend?

hello kitty candie bolton 20" nostalgic
Hello Kitty 20"
Produced by Kidrobot & Sanrio

Sculpted by Siccaluna and produced in Japan (self produced)


Foxes are commonly depicted in folklore as tricksters and shape-shifters. They are particularly known for impersonating beautiful women that interact with humans, often for malevolent reasons. As foxes age, they gain more power and wisdom, which is represented by the number of tails they have. A nine-tailed fox has lived for over 1,000 years. They have infinite wisdom and can generate fire from their tails. The sighting of one can be either a good omen or bad luck depending on the intent of the fox. 

plants of hell lotus bake-kujira
Lotus Bake-Kujira, Plants of Hell set
Sculpted by Candie Bolton
Produced by Trash Talk Toys

kit and momo
Kit & Momo
Sculpted by PPPudding
Produced in Japan (Self produced)

Introducing Kit and Momo, the daring space bounty hunter team! Kit was born with a remarkable ability: she can transform her arm into any weapon she chooses. One fateful mission Kit is hired to find the coveted Hoju, a wish-fulfilling jewel. In a twist of fate, while retrieving the jewel, Kit accidentally wishes for a companion, and the Hoju transforms into Momo—her loyal canine companion! The duo embarks on exciting adventures, showcasing Kit's shape-shifting prowess and Momo's unwavering optimism. Join Kit & Momo on their quest for friendship!

勇敢な宇宙賞金稼ぎチーム、キット&モモだ! キットは願いを叶える「宝珠」の捜索ミッションを頼まれた。運命のいたずらで、キットは宝石を回収している間に、誤って友だちが欲しいと願い、ホジュはイヌの仲間モモに変身した!これは友情の冒険の始まりだ!

amana kodora fox dragon candie bolton frogtree
Amana Kodora: Fox Dragon
Produced in Japan and sculpted by Frogtree
We collaborated on the design and production process
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